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Resin Chiavari Chairs by Drake Corp. - The Leader in Lightweight Durability & Quality

RESIN FG Chiavari
Ballroom Chair


  • special fiberglass reinforced legs for strength and durability and light weight.
  • Color is consistent throughout entire chair - looks nice longer
  • No sanding or painting needed - low maintenance costs
  • Maximum strength, 100% premium special Fiberglass resin mix construction for long life
  • Maintenance free finish for better looking chair
  • Non-stick & anti-static treated for easy cleaning
  • UV protected to prevent fading & discoloration
  • Available in Gold, Silver, White, Black & custom colors
  • Stacks up to 7 chairs for easy storage


It attaches to the chair back legs with velcro straps, and It is custom shaped like the non wood chiavari chair seat for "the perfect look".
It features:
• washable polyester cover
• fiber batting
• urethane foam
Available in White, Natural or Black color.

Drake's new high strength resin Chiavari stacking chair combines classic elegance with unexpected durability. Thanks to a special fiberglass mix, this is the strongestand lighter at the same time Chiavari Chair available! Drake FG Chiavari chairs are perfect for use as a ballroom chair, dining chair or for any special event where the classic Chivari look is desired.


The material used at Drake's, a composite multi-layer techno-polymer, allows the manufacturing of special event resin chairs that are the strongest (tested at 500lb.) and the lightest (10lbs, only) at the same time on the market.
CHIAVARI chairs are manufactured with a TWO COMPONENT RESIN (CO-INJECTION) system - the highest standard in plastic manufacturing. The result is an outer, smooth all weather resistant aesthetic skin, and an inner expanded closed cell modified resin FIBERGLASS ADDED, with high mechanical resistance that behaves like a bone and gives exceptional

Stacks up to 7 chairs for easy storage

Our Chiavari chairs stack and safely interlock.
40 chairs fit a regular pallet for storage thus reducing warehousing costs.

stack of 7 chairs: 
w= 17" l= 26.5" h= 88"

stack of 8 chairs: 
w= 17" l= 27" h= 96.5"

stack of 10 chairs:
w= 17" l= 27.5 h= 113.5"

chair seat dimensions:
16" x 16" x 18" seat h
net weight: 10 pounds

Optional Chiavari Chair Cover

Item# 3CH10NYL-Y • Nylon Cover for Folding Chair.
Stack covers, provide a storage solution to keep chairs clean, and protect them during transportation.
Strapping on the cover secures the chairs to the pallet during move in and out operations.
Zipping eases-up covering the chair stacks.
This Nylon,with inner PVC coat heavy duty water resistant chair stack cover, for transportation and storage is taylored for 2 stacks of 5 Chiavari chairs ea. back to back.
Best used with Drake Chiavari chair pallets

Optional Chiavari Chair Pallet

Item# 3BaseDR • Highly resistant chair pallet in tech ABS, 3/32" thick.
It can be used with both pallet jacks and Mongo movers.
One Chiavari chair pallet fits 2 stacks of 5 chairs.
To be used ONLY with Drake covers. The Drake cover keeps the stacks together while the cover straps secure the chairs to the pallet.

Optional Chiavari Chair Lawn Feet

Item# 2CHV-4shoes • Lawn shoes for Chiavari Chair.
Upscale events outside without the classy ballroom chairs embarrassingly sinking into the lawn: just a dream? Not anymore!!!
• no more holes and sink marks on events' lawns
• the lawn chair shoes do not interfere with the chair ability to stack
• the special design of the lawn chair shoes allows the lawn to breath so that the chairs will not cause damage to it even with extended use.
One set includes 4 shoes for one chair.

Quick Specs 
Seat Height
Overall Height
Seat Depth
10 lbs.

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